Wonk Unit

Wonk Unit

Wonk Unit zijn de officiële kampioen van de Britse DIY Underground met een steeds uitbreidende invloed over de wereld. Eind 2016 kwam hun 5e volledige studioalbum "Mr Splashy:  uit PLASTERER / Cadiz Music. Uitgesproken en politiek actief als organisatoren van hun eigen festival Wonkfest in Londen in juli beschouwd als de "punk rock gig van het jaar" binnen de Engelse DIY punk rock scene
Proactieve en beholdent aan niemand met zwarte humor, Wonk Unit omhelst seks, liefde, bouwplaatsen en verslaving in het moderne leven in Groot-Brittannië.


Wonk Unit are the official champions of the UK DIY Underground with a increasingly expanding following and influence on both side of the Atlantic. Now on their 5th full studio album Mr Splashy which gets it's world wide release this March on PLASTERER/Cadiz Music Outspoken and politically active. Strong belivers in Utopean socialism. Curators of their own festival Wonkfest in London in July regarded as the "punk rock gig of the year" by the DIY scene.

Proactive and beholdent to no one. With a blackly comic irrevorence, Wonk Unit embrace sex, love, building sites and addiction, essentially life in modern Britain.


Eugene Butcher of Big Cheese/Vive Le Rock summed it up nicely after the release of Trolleys - "(Wonk Unit) have managed the almost impossible task of having found their own sound.It's punk son, but not as we know it". and Louder Than War after the release of Nervous Racehorse

"Wonk Unit are arguably the future of punk rock; I fully accept that that ís a bold statement, but having had Nervous Racehorse, the fourth full length album from the London outfit on rotation for the past week I feel they entirely justify the claim"

“One of the most unique bands in modern punk rock. Wonk Unit are a fresh breath of life in the London punk scene. They’re fun, weird, poetic and utterly compelling all at once, a must-see.” (Art Rocker)

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